Travel Abroad: Cases You Should Read To Avoid “Offloading”

Are you ready to travel abroad? Have you secured all the requirement? Have you checked all the guidelines? Confident enough to dwell with the immigration officer?

All of this and still got rejected. Sometimes, completing all the necessary documents needed is not enough to ensure approval to travel abroad (see “Fast Facts about the “Offloading Policy” in the Philippines“). You also need to anticipate possible situations where officers will disapprove your exit the country. Know it. Avoid it.

Here are some of the scenarios that will designate you in a less ideal spot of the probing eyes of the Immigration Officers – and mostly leads to being “offloaded” from your departure abroad.

Ready to travel abroad?

If you belong to the following below, you will be more likely subjected to a secondary inspection:

  1. A financially incapable traveler who is travelling or is escorted by a foreigner with no civil relations
  2. An unaccompanied minor without due travel documents or clearance from the Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development (DWSD)minor
  3. Repatriated workers which does not carry a designated clearance from the International Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT)
  4. Unmarried partners and spouses of foreign nationals due for a marital bond but have not secured the Guidance and Counseling Certificate from the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO)
  5. The point of destination have existing deployment bans, are on high alert or on a derogatory travel advisory, or those in possessions of visas from those locations
  6. Previous tourist travelers who stayed more than a year in their destination as a tourist and are subsequently travelling again



If you ever find yourself in the situations above, you may very well take all the necessary measure to affirm the validity of your travel (see “Boarding and Offloading Policies of the Philippine Immigration Bureau – What They Do and Don’t Tell You”).


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