How and Where to Buy Modafinil Online in 2021

Online pharmacies are always happy to help you order Modafinil medications that will allow you to return to your normal rhythm of life in the shortest possible time. All drugs in these pharmacies are certified.

Watsons [Rating: 5.0]
Em Macau, Avenida De Horta E Costa No. 9/F, Millennium Court, Res-do-chao B, Macao | +853 2843 6824 |

This is a small-town pharmacy, always friendly service and very fast not like any other place you have to wait 30 or 45 minutes for a refill, he is very quick and always has Modafinil pills for sale. We need to keep our small businesses going, please visit the pharmacy, and you will see what I mean.

It was a really unpleasant experience with this Watsons. I needed a refill transfer from another pharmacy due to insurance coverage. I have waited 4 days. And during these days, I called this pharmacy 4 times. I was told by the customer service that they called and were waiting for the other pharmacy to fax them the refill transfer. I had to call my previous pharmacy to find out why the transfer was not faxed. Apparently, it turned out they never called, and my previous pharmacy does not transfer through fax. They only transfer by phone. I almost ran out of my medication just because they did not even bother to call.

Farmacia Megahong [Rating: 4.4]
Rua Nova da Areia Preta Edificio Kam Hoi San Bloco XIV no275 “A” r/c com Kok-Chai e no307 “F” r/c com Kok-Chai, Macau, Macao | +853 2876 5330 |

Friendly, very knowledgeable, and if you like having 1st class service, then look no further than Farmacia Megahong. The owner is very nice and helpful. Stay away from the big pharmacies support your small local pharmacies.

It was fantastic; they walked me through the whole procedure, answered all of my questions, and delivered my prescription quickly. I really encourage people to use this program for their medical needs. Gratitude!

Popular Wellness (Kin Heng Long) [Rating: 3.5]
Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao no252 Praca Kin Heng Long Loja K r/c com S/L Macau, Macao | +853 2875 2495 |

I made the right switch, legacy pharmacy deserves five stars!!! After dealing with Walgreens for a year straight of not filling meds when needed, giving wrong information on script paper, not giving refills when the doctor gave refills, taking days to fill a script, to ignoring fax from doctors… this is such a huge blessing to discover Popular Wellness (Kin Heng Long)!

Worst customer service ever. I called and spoke to 4 different reps. Not one of them could help me with determining which tier our insurance coverage was under or answer any questions on coverage at all.

Lotus Pharmacy [Rating: 3.9]
407 R. de Seng Tou, Macao | +853 2885 5088 |

This Lotus Pharmacy was good. They had the meds, and it was about a ten to twenty minutes wait! The person in the pharmacy pick-up cash register was a little pushy. I do recommend this place has lots of things people look for from a store and pharmacy! I believe that respect, dignity, and caring are important for customers/ patients! And this oharmacy today showed that!

The new staff is ridiculous. I can’t believe it. I called for my concerns, but Tracy was so rude over the phone. They don’t follow up with doctors also not even follow up with the patient. How do we know that they are not able to get a new prescription from a doctor? Mostly like I will not suggest anyone transfer their prescription. There are a lot of others in the market.