Winnerway Security Guards Company Macau Jobs And Careers


Winnerway Security Guards Company, or Winnerway, is one of the security companies in Macau. It is a sister company of the East Sun Cleaning Company under the GES Holdings Limited. Winnerway has employed hundreds of Filipino security guards and other nationalities like Nepali. This article will give you ways and tips on how to apply as a security guard at Winnerway.

Job Application at Winnerway Security Guards Company

You can use this resume submission tool to automate your job application to Winnerway. All that you need to do is upload your resume and press submit.

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Another way to apply for jobs at Winnerway is to visit their main human resource office which is located at the 7th floor of Centro Commercial Brihantismo Building, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpacao. You can visit the office and personally submit your job application forms. There will be a resume drop-box provided at the lobby.

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Another way, and more efficient way to apply at Winnerway is through a local job agency. There is a rumor that Yi Fa Agency, a local agency located in Taipa Macau, is the one in-charge of talent solutions for the Winnerway. You can visit Yi Fa Agency and other job agencies in Macau and Philippines to check for vacancies at Winnerway Security Guards Company.


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