Flats In Macau: 8 Helpful Tips

Finally, you are going to live in Macau. But you have no idea which place or part of Macau should you stay. Choosing flats in Macau can be a terrible experience without a good knowledge on how-to.

This article is a summary of what you should consider before choosing an apartment in Macau.


Comfort is the primary reason while we choose to have our own place. Unless you are okay staying at your company’s dorm then you can end reading here. Regardless of whether you’re here in Macau for a vacation or work, comfort is a necessity that everyone needs after a long day walking around the city or a refuge after a stressful day at work.


Another thing to consider is accessibility. Is this place near your workplace? Are there any grocery stores or supermarket nearby? Is this place accessible to bus stops? Is this place safe and easy to access if I go home late at night? These are some questions that you need to inquire to know the accessibility score of your place. Let’s if you answered YES to all these questions, then the accessibility score is “PERFECT”. But because the budget is also an issue, you need to prioritize these questions, too. Surely, you will find a perfect place but for sure that would be costly. And one more thing, since most of the residences in Macau are apartment types, you should also check at which floor is the flat located. Is there a lift? Are you okay taking the stairs?


One big factor that makes a house comfortable is cleanliness. Who gets a good night sleep if there are terrors of the dark anywhere? Cockroaches, rats, and worse, bed bugs. Make sure that not just the house is clean, but also, the people that you might be staying with are responsible enough to maintain cleanliness and shares with you one goal in mind – get rid of dark terrors.

Comfort Room

There are two types of toilets in Macau, as far as I’ve known. The common toilet and the squat toilet. If the main goal is cleanliness, then either of the two types of toilet won’t matter. But if you are that type who loves to spend “me time” during your toilet moments, then you should choose which of the two are more comfortable for you. I have included this because I have experienced living in both types of toilets and is surprised to know that I’m a common-toilet-type-of-guy. So, I wasted time looking for another place, AGAIN.


We are in the bloom of social media and it’s a very commonly used medium to connect to our loved ones. Also, the internet has become one of the common past-times. If you are planning to rent a whole apartment, make sure to ask if the place is internet connection ready. If you are going to just rent a room, make sure that there is an internet WiFi connection SHARED to all living in the place. An important note, be sure to ask for the access before you move in.

Number of people in the flat

In a Filipino tradition, it is obvious that the more the merrier it will be. But not in the case of living abroad especially if there is not enough space in your apartment. OFWs would tend to utilize every corner of the house so that many people can share in the bills and rent. So, if your primary goal is to save, then maybe you won’t mind getting bed spaces for rent. But, again, if you are all after comfort which you believe you deserve, then you must consider the number person in the apartment. Because the number of persons in the flat is equaled to the time you have to wait for the comfort room and the speed of the internet you get from sharing the wifi. But on the lighter note, the more people you are living with, the better the chances that you can cope up with the famous “home sick”.


If you decided to rent a room, you should check if there is an AC. During the summer season, the temperature in Macau rises up to 35-38 degrees. Almost the same in the Philippines, but take note that during this season, Macau’s temperature is very dry. A room with an AC can provide a good comfort. Or else, you should rely on an electric fan.


You are after you comfort and you are willing to pay to achieve that. But also, remember that you are not going to stay for long here in Macau. Make a budget, and stick with that. Don’t be afraid and get tired of looking for a place to stay in Macau. There are a lot of Facebook community groups for Filipinos in Macau like Bahay Kubo Macau, Bahay ni Kuya and Juan Macau where you can ask your fellow kababayans for help in looking for a place to stay, to live, here in Macau.