Ruins Of St Pauls: Attractions Nearby

ruins of st pauls

Ruins of St Pauls is located right at the heart of Macau’s Peninsula. So, you can expect to do a lot of things while spending your hour visit to the famous tourist spot.

The Senado Square

Before you ever get a glimpse of the Ruins of St Pauls, you need to go through one of the famous tourist destinations in Macau – the Senado Square or famously known as San Malo. You can take a picture of the amazing Portuguese architecture inspired buildings or buy something as San Malo was also known as one of the shopping area in Macau, from cookies to jewelries.

FREE Pork Jerky and Almond Cookies

In the middle of San Malo and the Ruins of St. Pauls, is a small crowded street clustered by stores selling almond cookies and sweet pork jerky. What’s the catch? You grab some and taste it for FREE! Yes. Free! So, how did it became an attraction? Almond Cookies and Sweet Pork Jerky is one of Macau’s famous delicacies. Being located between two iconic spots in Macau has made this street a compulsory attraction. And the “free taste” has just made it arguable.

Monte Fort or Mount Fortress

Another historical place that you can visit near Ruins of St Pauls is the Monte Fort. Built in 1616, it is the oldest of all forts in Macau. This is where you can find Macau Museum. You can also enjoy a good view of Macau Peninsula and take a selfie with the cannons located at each bastions of the fortress.

Na Tcha Temple

Na Tcha temple is a small, simple Taoist Temple built more than 400 years ago. It is located left of Ruins of St Pauls.

Most of the travelers on a tight budget would only spend just a few hours to go around Macau. And one of the secret so that you can maximize your time and enjoy attractions in Macau to the fullest, is to strategically visit many places at one point.