Top Cleaning Jobs Recruitment Centers In Macau 2018

Cleanliness is one way to greet your guests a warm welcome. and with the rapid development of gaming, hotel and tourism industry, there is a big need for manpower in the cleaning industry in Macau.

Here’s our list of top Cleaning Job Recruitment Center in Macau:


East Sun Cleaning Services is one of the top recruitment centers in Macau. They have dominated this industry in Macau. They have also extended their services to hotel operations like room attendants. East Sun is a member of GES Holding Limited company which doesn’t only offer opportunities for cleaning jobs, but security jobs and florists jobs, as well.

| How to apply in East Sun: Interested applicants can either personally drop their resumes at the East Sun HR Office, or apply on-line through their website.


Chong Hap Group Company is another top cleaning jobs provider in Macau. They are known to handle cleaning services at famous casinos like Landmark, Lisboa, MGM and many. Chong Hap Recruitment Agency also provides services to some residential sites. Interested applicants can drop their resume at their office located at 4th floor of Va Long building, in front of Sintra Hotel. They also offer job opportunities for security job positions. There are rumors that says that Chong Hap Agency doesn’t anymore entertains walk-in applicants, instead, partnered with some local employment agencies for manpower recruitment.


Sunrise Cleaning Agency is a sister company of a famous security services company in Macau – Securitas Ltd. Aside from contracts with big hotels and casinos in Macau like Sheraton. Venetian, Galaxy and government offices, Sunrise cleaning services are still expanding their cleaning services contracts to hotels and casinos which are scheduled to open this and next year. Like East Sun, they doesn’t only employ public attendants positions but also room attendants, and casino cleaners. Job hunters can drop their resume at a drop box placed outside Sunrise Cleaning Services Recruitment Center located at 13th floor of Kin Heng Long building, Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao, Macau.


Kit Pou Cleaning Company is located at the 9th floor of Nam Fong building, Avenida Venceslau de Morais, Macau. Job seekers may pass or drop their resume at the said address. Kit Pou Cleaning Agency offers their services to local establishments and residential areas.


You can see C and K cleaners stationed at various small businesses in Macau like restaurants, jewelries and brand shops like Nike, Adidas, Sasa and more. They also maintains residential buildings, government offices and some on-going construction sites. Job hunters in Macau can pass their resume at C and K Cleaning Company HR office located at 9th floor of Chun Fok building, Avenida Venceslau de Morais, Macau.

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