10 Hot Jobs In Macau Hotels That You Should Prioritize In Your Job Search

hot jobs in Macau hotels

What are the famous jobs in Macau hotels?

You are looking for a job. Macau is a top choice. It is near Philippines. The pay is good. And the cost of living is cheap.

But you don’t know what job to look for. Or if there are really opportunities waiting for you.

Well, in this post, we will share with you the hottest hotel job opportunities in Macau.

Though a related experience is an advantage, these job positions doesn’t require them. So, feel free to check the following jobs in Macau hotels.

Security Guard

First, and foremost, the most common, security guard jobs.

Anywhere you’d go in Macau, you’ll surely meet an expat working as security guard.

Mostly were Nepali, Indians, and Filipinos.

If you have a good height, let’s say 5’8″ and above, then you can confidently apply as a security guard.

Hotels offer good salary package for their security officers.

And also take note that security positions isn’t only limited to security guard positions. You can also explore various variation. Like surveillance operators, and money transfer drivers.

Here’s a compilation of top security job agencies in Macau.

Door Man

Do you that good looking guy or lady who opens the doors for you?

Literally, they are the door man. Or the door lady.

But don’t underestimate them. They earn good amount of money.

On the average, they earn around MOP 9,000 – 12,000.

So, think again before you consider the other jobs.

But there’s on downside… You must be fairly good looking, too.

And to consider the huge doors in Macau hotels, you must also be physically capable.

But overall, you can always take your chances and apply.

Bell Boy

Have your heard about the old service cliche that goes, “Tips pay you better than your actual salary”?

That is true. Especially for bell boys.

If you aren’t not familiar about how the bell boys work in the hotel settings, simple. They are the ones mostly responsible in carrying the guest’s luggage up to their hotel rooms.

Accompany it with good service and a contagious smile, surely, tips are on their way.

Concierge/Front Desk

Smiles. Not a beautiful face but a wonderful smile.

This is what it truly takes to be a hire-able concierge or front desk.

The hotel service’s front liners can earn up to MOP 10,000 on average.

Also, this job position offers you a good chance to learn the Chinese language. Which in time, makes you a very precious investment for the company.

If lucky enough, this guarantees a long-term employment.

Shuttle Service

Did you know that Macau bus rides are free?

Yes. They truly are.

Macau hotels offers free bus rides to-and-from the airport, jetty ports, china border, other hotels and casinos, and famous tourist destinations in Macau.

The member of the shuttle bus team are responsible for facilitating the hotel’s shuttle bus services.

If you know some basic Chinese, then you’re are already halfway to landing a job in the shuttle bus team.

Promotion Team

Another job position that pays well is becoming a part of a hotel’s promotion team.

Mostly, your duty would be around branding. You help the company promote their promos.

Well, you’ll never ran out of promos in Macau. There’s a sale in here and there. And most companies relies well to their promotion team staff.

So, are you good looking? Of good height, at least 5’6″ for ladies and 5’10” for gents. Then, you already have a good qualification for this job.

And if you can match those traits with a good Chinese language background, you’ll surely an inch away from landing the job!

Here’s more…

Promotion team job offers one of the most luxurious salary in Macau. As far as I know, they don’t go less than MOP 10,000 per month.

Housekeeper Jobs In Macau Hotels

Housekeeping jobs in Macau hotels is one of the prime components of every hotel operations.

And there’s no doubt why it is the top most sought after jobs in Macau.

Housekeeping jobs is a physically tiring task. You can only imagine how big the hotels rooms in Macau are.

But the pay is good. A regular house keeper earns around MOP 6,000 – MOP 10,000 per month.

And here’s one more good thing, applicants of any age can apply! As long as you’re physically capable, of course.

Public Attendants

Public attendants’ duties are synonymous to that of a cleaner.

Your main duties are to maintain cleanliness and order in the hotel’s public area.

So, if you’re willing enough, it’s as tiring a job than that of a housekeeper’s.

The only downside is that they often earn less any other job positions.

But don’t you worry. Public attendants or cleaners can also earn around MOP 8,000 to 10,000 per month in their overtime.


There is always a restaurant in any hotel in Macau. As a matter of fact, there are at least 5 restaurants in a hotel on average.

So, a waiter/waitress job is also one of the most attractive jobs in Macau.

On average, a waiter or waitress can earn around MOP 7,000 to 9,000 per month. And this can increase if you get some good tips.

Well, take in mind, Chinese are good tip-givers if they liked your service.

But before you apply, make sure that you have good knowledge of how a waiter or waitress works. A basic knowledge of the Chinese language is also a great plus!

Kitchen Staff

Lastly, the kitchen staff jobs in Macau Hotels.

If there’s one job that can offer you great opportunity in Macau, it is a job in the kitchen.

The culinary industry is ever evolving. And if you have the education, skill, and dedication, in time, you’ll surely be on top of the culinary industry.

But of course, you should start from the lowest of the pyramid.

Depending on your position, a kitchen staff can earn around MOP 6,000 to 15,000 a month.