Christmas Gift Shopping Tips For OFWs In Macau 2016

chrismas shopping tips for ofws in macau

Christmas Gift Shopping Tips That Could Save Your Savings

It’s almost December. It’s time for the Christmas holidays. This is one the most celebrated season for Filipinos. But for OFW’s, it’s a long list of names of people asking for a Christmas blessing.

We are always kind. It’s no problem to share our blessings to our loved ones back in the Philippines. But too often, our greatest struggle is in finding gift ideas that are both nice and cheap. It’s really hard to look for such thing. So, in this post, we are going to show you Christmas shopping tips that can bring great value for your time and money.

To whom will you give the gifts?

It’s costly if you don’t put names on your list. So, first, you must know who you’re giving gifts to.

Make a list. This will only take a small fraction of your time. But will save you thousands.

Cut the list.

I know. You gave a lot of effort to create the list. And now, I am asking you to delete some names in that list.

Here’s the reason why.

Some of those people in your list may not be in contact with you for a long time. Some of them may have moved to a new place. And it is somewhere far and expensive to deliver your gifts.

The point is that you want your gifts to reach its recipients. You don’t want to waste money buying gifts that will just eat up space in your room.

What does this person need?

That is the question you need to answer before buying gifts. It is better to buy gifts that the person can use. Than gifts that they’ll just throw away after the holidays.

For sure, that person will appreciate your gift more. And if by chance you get to meet that person, it is heart-warming to see that your gift has become a part of that person’s life.

Now, you’re ready. And we’re just getting started.

But wait. Before we continue, make sure you do this one thing.

Establish how much you want to spend for gifts. And stick with that budget.

Now, where to buy gifts.

In Macau, everyday’s a shopping galore. There are discounts every day, every where. And during the holiday seasons, like Christmas, there are better and bigger discounts waiting for you. Let’s take advantage of that.

San Miu and Royal Supermarkets.

If you are planning to buy chocolates or groceries. These two giant supermarkets is the best destination for you. They offer bigger discounts when you opt to buy in bulk. It will save you more money if you choose to buy bigger packages. And then, re-pack it for gifts.

Venetian, Galaxy and Sands Cotai shopping centers

These shopping centers offer one of the biggest discounts you can find on branded items. There is also a wide selection of products that you can choose from. Beauty products, shoes, clothings, gadgets and jewelries. All in one place and you can also enjoy rewards from shopping. A nice treat you get from spending.

But one piece of advice. Leave your ATMs and extra money in your house. Bring only the budget you have for gifts. Remember that you are buying gifts. You can always do shopping on the other days.

Daiso, Miniso and the 10$ shop.

If you are looking for school and office supplies, these are great places to shop. You can buy good gifts with good quality in less than $10. Buy in bulk and you can also enjoy bigger discounts. You can re-pack it together with the groceries you bought.

Shopping Center at the China Border Gate

The visa is only 30$ for one day exit to China. But that 30$ can save you hundreds to thousands!

Yes. The shopping centers at the border gate are famous to Filipinos. It is where you can buy almost everything at a much lower price. The only problem is that the quality are of no guarantee. So, be sure to bring your friends and be vigilant enough to critic the quality of the product that you are about to buy.

The Stores near Senado Square

The setting is quite like those at the Venetian, Galaxy and Sands Cotai. The only difference is that it is in the busiest place in the city. Better prepare yourself and your shopping bags. Beware of pickpockets, too.

But for me, I would only recommend this place if you’re planning to buy gadgets and jewelries. I know that these gifts are expensive and doesn’t coincide with this article. But there’s no other time in the year to buy gadgets and jewelries you’ve been loathing for the whole year than right now. The discounts are better. And you’ll get a more beautiful proposal ring for your budget. A more guaranteed “yes” from your future wife.

Now, that you are done shopping. It’s time to pack your gifts!

We bought our gifts in bulk. That saved us more money. But you have to allot one day or a few hours to pack your gifts for your loved ones.

First, separate the gifts for your loved ones in Macau and for those in the Philippines. Here’s why.

We will only be spending more resources on packing gifts for your loved ones here in Macau.

For those in the Philippines, you can always ask your mother or your nephew or cousin to pack those gifts for you.

“I bought you something you really wanted for Christmas. I will also give you an extra gift if you could help me repack these gifts.”

For sure, they’ll be more willing to help as their way of saying “Thank You”. But always make sure that you send your package at least a month before the holidays. Most of the couriers in Macau have an economy package that can save you money. The only downside is that your package will be delivered in a longer duration of time.

Our recommendation would be to schedule gift giving on the first Sunday of January. Or also known as day of “the Three Kings”. This is because you will be able to hit 3 holidays. That means you only need to give one gift for three occasions: Christmas, New Year, and the Three Kings.

Now, here’s the catch and the greatest secret why we wrap our gifts.

It is an element of surprise that brings excitement to the recipient of the gifts. Literally, it’s some sort of a mind-game.

Thus, the question, “Do you really need to wrap your gifts?”

I know that OFWs value their time so much. We are busy. And we make sure that we get the most out of the time we spend.

My advice is that wrapping your gifts will always be on your own preference. If you got the time, the effort in wrapping your gifts gives more meaning to it.

But you don’t have the luxury of time because you have three or more part-times jobs. You can try some of these ideas:

  • Sneak your gift to your friend’s locker with a sweet note. You can set it up by asking them for a favor like, you forgot your key and that you need to borrow their locker for the day.
  • Ask them for a date after work, or a meet-up. Then, out of nowhere, pull out your gift and present it to them. No much sweet talk, but they will surely reminisce your sweet thoughts.

Always remember that the most important thing in giving gifts is the gesture of love and care.

There will be people whom you won’t be able to include in the list. Reasons are maybe because you ran out of budget. Or that they have moved to somewhere inconvenient and expensive to send gifts. You can always message them on Facebook or Skype. Or make a quick phone call. As the old cliche goes, “It’s the thought that counts”.

Do you also have shopping tips and ideas that can help our community give more value in their time and money? We’d like to hear it from you on the discussion below.