Top Cleaning Jobs Recruitment Centers In Macau 2018

Cleanliness is one way to greet your guests a warm welcome. and with the rapid development of gaming, hotel and tourism industry, there is a big need for manpower in the cleaning industry in Macau.

Here’s our list of top Cleaning Job Recruitment Center in Macau:


East Sun Cleaning Services is one of the top recruitment centers in Macau. They have dominated this industry in Macau. They have also extended their services to hotel operations like room attendants. East Sun is a member of GES Holding Limited company which doesn’t only offer opportunities for cleaning jobs, but security jobs and florists jobs, as well.

| How to apply in East Sun: Interested applicants can either personally drop their resumes at the East Sun HR Office, or apply on-line through their website.


Chong Hap Group Company is another top cleaning jobs provider in Macau. They are known to handle cleaning services at famous casinos like Landmark, Lisboa, MGM and many. Chong Hap Recruitment Agency also provides services to some residential sites. Interested applicants can drop their resume at their office located at 4th floor of Va Long building, in front of Sintra Hotel. They also offer job opportunities for security job positions. There are rumors that says that Chong Hap Agency doesn’t anymore entertains walk-in applicants, instead, partnered with some local employment agencies for manpower recruitment.


Sunrise Cleaning Agency is a sister company of a famous security services company in Macau – Securitas Ltd. Aside from contracts with big hotels and casinos in Macau like Sheraton. Venetian, Galaxy and government offices, Sunrise cleaning services are still expanding their cleaning services contracts to hotels and casinos which are scheduled to open this and next year. Like East Sun, they doesn’t only employ public attendants positions but also room attendants, and casino cleaners. Job hunters can drop their resume at a drop box placed outside Sunrise Cleaning Services Recruitment Center located at 13th floor of Kin Heng Long building, Alameda Dr. Carlos d’Assumpcao, Macau.


Kit Pou Cleaning Company is located at the 9th floor of Nam Fong building, Avenida Venceslau de Morais, Macau. Job seekers may pass or drop their resume at the said address. Kit Pou Cleaning Agency offers their services to local establishments and residential areas.


You can see C and K cleaners stationed at various small businesses in Macau like restaurants, jewelries and brand shops like Nike, Adidas, Sasa and more. They also maintains residential buildings, government offices and some on-going construction sites. Job hunters in Macau can pass their resume at C and K Cleaning Company HR office located at 9th floor of Chun Fok building, Avenida Venceslau de Morais, Macau.

If you have any suggestions or any cleaning company to add, please email us at

Jobs In Macau: Applying Online

I went to Macau as a tourist and ventured to look for a job. It was a fun experience wandering around this new place and to explore the various attractive spots. And, at the same time, looking for opportunities to start a career in Macau.

There are a lot of reasons that people work in Macau. One is because it is near to the Philippines and other neighboring countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. It is also an open country, which means that you are only required a passport to get here.

For some Filipinos, it is more convenient to go to Macau and look for a job under a tourist visa. They’d usually take a fortune and risk spending money just to apply directly to job agencies in Macau.

Others would consider their Macau-job-hunting as a fun and fulfilling experience while on a tourist visa. But unfortunately, it was a nightmare to some.

Perhaps because some employers and local job agencies take advantage of these vulnerable applicants by charging unreasonable agency fees and exposing them to potential domestic abuses, for those who work as domestic house helpers and babysitter.

That is why the Philippine Consulate in Macau discourages Filipinos to gamble in Macau job-hunting under a tourist visa. The Macau authorities are also vigilant in apprehending job applicants who are on a tourist visa.

Macau Jobs Online Applications

Now, you might be losing your hope of starting a career in Macau. It is complicated. I know.

But that doesn’t mean that your only choice is to settle for a local job.

Here’s good news! It is true that most of the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) in Macau landed a job while they’re visiting the country. But there are also many non-Filipino workers who applied through local recruitment centers in the Philippines and directly sent job applications to various companies in Macau via the internet.

Just like them, you can also try applying online! Here are some of the famous job sites and company career sites.

Aside from these career sites, you can also submit your resumes directly to the e-mails of the human resource department of companies, hotels and casinos in Macau.

Here is an email list of some Human Resource Centers in Macau:

Disclaimer: This email list is generated through kind recommendation of OFWs who are currently working in Macau. They landed their job by applying through these emails. We are not related or linked to any of these companies.
If you have any suggestions regarding the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

You knew that it is more convenient and cheaper by just visiting Macau and look for a job, but this will also you make you vulnerable to abuse if you play it by ear.

Macau is a great place to build your career abroad – this country is easily accessible to neighboring countries, the pay is good, and the culture is beautiful. So applying for a job online is your best option to land a credible job in Macau.

Job Agencies Near Rua Do Campo Macau

Rua Do Campo is one of the most famous streets in Macau. It is located right at the heart of Macau peninsula making it one of the top business areas in the city. Most tourists would visit this street to shop for gadgets, branded garments and anything you think you can buy. Rua do Campo is easily accessible to utility buses.

But for those looking for jobs in Macau, Rua do Campo is also one stop destination to look for job agencies to help you land a job.

Job Agencies Near Rua Do Campo Macau

Forever Bright Job Agency

Forever Bright Human Resource Recruitment Center was once located at Taipa, Macau. It is hard to locate especially during urgent interview phone calls. This year it has moved to Edf. Kai Van, Rua da Colina Macau. It is just a two-minute walk away from Rua do Campo bus stops.

Contact Number: (853) 2881 0988

Son Hou Job Agency

Son Hou Job Recruitment Center is located just the next block after the Forever Bright Job Agency. It is located at the lower ground floor of Centro Comercial Center building. From the Forever Bright Agency, just walk towards the next corner and you will be able to see the Son Hou Job Agency sign board.

Contact Number: (853) 2835 3628

Compass Job Agency

Compass Recruitment Center is dubbed as the recruitment agency for Nepal nationals. From the corner where the Son Hou Job Agency is located, you walk up hill towards the Royal Hotel. You then turn right when you reach the street of the Royal Hotel, going to Kam Hong building. You’ll see the blue sign board of Compass Job Agency.

Contact Number: (853) 2834 6636

Another two job agencies in Macau located near Rua do Campo are JCHR and Yong’s Job Agency. They are both located at the same building and it is 5-minute walk away from Rua Do Campo.

How I Got A Job Interview At Wynn Macau Using A Mobile App

If ever you happened to work in Macau, or is currently working in Macau, you surely have heard that Wynn is one of the best companies in Macau. Wynn Macau offers the best incentives, benefits and remuneration package.

Apart from that, they believe in the idea that if they will take good care of their employees, their employees will also take good care of their business. Guaranteed, Wynn Macau is the perfect place to enhance and develop your skills and your career.

A classic way of applying for a job in Wynn is through online applications or by sending your resume to their HR office. But there’s one very effective trick that will guarantee you a job interview. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Go to Apple Store or Play Store and download the “Wynn Careers Macau” app.wynnjobs

  2. You can now select between Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai. Then, choose which recruitment date suits your schedule.wynn jobs

    wynn job interview
  3. Select job position desired and book an interview.

    You can get the latest list of job opening at Wynn Macau here.
    wynn job

  4. Go through verification process. You’ll be needing an active mobile number here. Then, proceed to the next steps until you are successfully able to book an interview.

  5. Wait for the text or email confirmation from Wynn Macau HR for your schedule of job interview.

Lastly, show up in. And secure a job position at Wynn Macau.

You can also check out the local job agencies in Macau.

List Of Job Agencies In Macau For Foreign Workers

job agencies in macau

Here is a list of Job Agencies In Macau where you can try apply for work. Please be informed that our Philippines Consul in Macau doesn’t recommend looking for a job in Macau while under a tourist visa. This will increase your chances of getting abused by employers. Thus, we recommend that you apply to job agencies in Philippines which are POEA certified.

Send Your Resume Here!!!

Job Agencies In Macau

Au Traders Employment Agency

Address: Est. Adolfo Loureiro 18 “D” R/C, Macau
Phone: 28229822, 28591254

Cheok Fong Employment Agency

Address: Rua de Tomé Pires 31-33, Edf. Tang Pak r/c
Phone: 28216728

Compass Job Agency

Address: Rua Nova à Guia, no 24, Edifício Kam Hong, r/c L1.
Contact Number: (853) 2834 6636

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Citra Employment Services Company Limited

Address: Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral No. 88-C Edif. Fu Wo Kok R/C, Macau
Telephone No.: 28555511

Excellent Job Agency


Easylink Human Resources Recruitment Consultants

Address: Rua Silva Mendes 39 A R/C Macau
Telephone No.: 28529276

Forever Bright Job Agency

Address: Edf. Kai Van, Rua da Colina, Macau
Contact Number: 28810988

Guang Da Employment Agency

Address: Praça das Orquídeas, No 86, Van Sion Son Chun, R/C, Macau.
Telephone Number: 28988899, 62159855

Hou Kong Job Agency

Address: Rua de Francisco Xavier Pereira, No 39, Edf. Wa Veng, R/C, Macau
Phone: 28358382

Ju Tak Job Agency

Address: Avenida do Almirante Lacerda, No 166, Centro Comercial Camões, R/C, Macau
Phone: 28211111

Kelvin Employment Agency

Address:Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral, No 83B, Edf. Pak Fok, R/C, Macau
Phone: 28551813

Kind Employment Agency

TEL:66161398, 28522891

Macao Employment Agency

Address: Avenida do Almirante Lacerda, No 99, Edf. Heng Ip, R/C, Macau
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Regal Base Human Resources Company Limited

Address: Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral No. 88 R/C D. Fu Wo Kok, Macau
Telephone No.: 28973613

Rose Job Agency

Address: Alves Roçadas 28 r/c, Macau
Phone: 28355755

Son Hou Job Agency

Address: Centro Comercial Center building, Ferreira Amaral, Macau
Contact Number: 28353628

Starriver Job Agency

Address: Rua do Almirante Costa Cabral 59C r/c B
Phone: 28822002

Tak Lek Job Agency

Address: Rua de Frnacisco Xavier Pereira N. 76, R/C-BRC Edif. Mei On, Macau
Telephone No.: 28563283

Wai Seng Job Agency

Address: Rua de Antonio Basto, No. 14 K, Kou Si Tak Garden, F R/C e S/L, Macau
Telephone No.: 28522909

Weng Son Job Agency

TEL: 28562471, 28562435

Wong Kun Job Agency

TEL: 28973613

Yongs Employment Agency

TEL: 28356528

Yi Fa Job Agency

Address: Avenida de Kwong Tung Jardin Nam San BI. 1 R/C (N) Taipa, Macau
Telephone No.: 28820134, 28823045

Jobs In Macau: Philippines Recruitment Agencies 2018 (Updated)

philippines job agencies


Address: 8th Floor, Algo Center, 162 LP Leviste Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City 1227
Tel: +632 840 3252

Address: 2nd Floor, RKD Building, A.S. Fortuna Street, Banilad Mandaue City, Cebu, 6014
Tel: +6332 505 6429

Address: Rm. 221-222, 2nd Floor, Nova Tierra Square Bo., Pampanga, Davao City, 8000
Tel: +6382 300 5569


Address: 4088(#10) Yague Street , Brgy.Singkamas, Makati City
Tel Nos. : +632-897-45-57 , +632-890-64-63 , +632-890-92-12


Address: Rm. 501 A & 501 B, VIP Building , 1140 Roxas Boulevard, Ermita , Manila
Tel Nos: 5599428 , 5599427



Tel No/s : 7388129
Email Address :
Website :


Address: 60 Harvard St., Aurora Blvd., Cubao Quezon Metro Manila
Contact No. :709-0549


Address: Unit 403 Avenue Square Garden, #532 United Nation Avenue, Cor. J. Bocobo St., Malate Manila ErmitaManila Metro Manila


Addres: 403 P. Tuazon Blvd. Project 4 Quezon City
Tel. # 913-4284, Telefax 913-7697

Top 6 Agencies That Offers Security Jobs In Macau 2019

There is a growing need of security personnel in Macau. The successful casino and hotel businesses in Macau demands high quality security services. With this, a number of recruitment and job agencies offers employment opportunities for those interested in security guard jobs in Macau.

Here’s our list of Security Jobs Agencies In Macau for 2019.

G4S Security Agency

G4S Security Services Limited provides security solutions around the world: America, Africa, Europe, Middle East and Asia. They currently have employed 600,000 plus people world wide and claims as the largest security solutions provider on earth.

Interested job applicants in Macau can pass their resume at G4S Human Resource office located at 11th floor of Keck Seng Industrial Center, Avenida Venceslau de Morais, Macau. You can also submit your application letter through email at or apply online at Greater Chine Jobs.


GuardForce Limited is another top security service provider in Macau. It is founded in 1977 and operates in Macau and Thailand. GuardForce is the longest-established professional security agency in Macau.

GuardForce main HR office is located at 2nd floor of Keck Seng building, Avenida Venceslau de Morais, Macau. Security job applicants may drop their resumes at the said address or email them at

SEMAC Security Jobs in Macau

Macau being one of the premiere tourist destinations in the world, security jobs are also in demand to facilitate and secure operations at Macau International Airport. SEMAC is a private security company that provides aviation security services. Job seekers in Macau can pass their curriculum vitae at SEMAC head office located at 2nd floor of CAM office building, Avenida Wai Long, Taipa, Macau. Or send a copy of your resume to


Securitas Security Services is another internationally known security company. Job hunters in Macau who are interested in a security job position may pass their resume at Securitas Human Resourse office. It is located at 13th floor of Kin Heng Long building in front of Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao park.


Winerway Security Guards Company is another fast growing security agency in Macau. From government agencies, banks, commercial buildings, hotels and casinos to special events in Macau, Winnerway is an in-demand and top-notch security service provider.

Winnerway Security Guards Company is under the joint venture of GES group of companies who also manages the East Sun Cleaning Services Company. So, for those who are looking for a fortune in Macau, you can try your luck in both industries, cleaning services and security services. You can pass your resume at the 7th floor of Grupo Brihantismo building in front of Dr. Carlos D’Assumpcao park.

Chong Hap

Chong Hap Group is like GES group of companies. They provide services to cleaning and security industries all-over Macau. Their main office is located at the 4th floor of Va Long building opposite Hotel Sintra.

List Of Recruitment Centers In Macau

We have compiled a list of top job recruitment centers in Macau. This list contains biggest job employment centers in Macau that specializes not just in recruiting the best talents around the globe, but also provides the best, reliable and most secure contracts for the top jobs in Macau. We hope that this list will be able to help you to decide in choosing the perfect job recruitment center that suits your preference in starting a job in Macau.


IKON is a very famous recruitment center in Macau. They actually have office branches in the Philippines. (Makati City, Mandaue City Cebu and Davao City.). They offer magnificent remuneration packages for their hired employees. IKON is connected to big companies in Macau wherein most of the job positions that they handle are in customer service fields like front desk jobs. They also have openings for room attendants and other hotel and casino job positions.

In Macau, interested applicants can visit their office and fill up an application form. You can pass this application form together with the following requirements. You can also apply online.

East Sun and Winnerway

Even though East Sun and Winnerway handles different fields of employment in Macau, we listed them as one because they are operated by one company – GES Limited Holdings, a joint venture of two big companies from Hong Kong and Macau.

Winnerway offers security employment and services around Macau. They deploy securities and various posts all around Macau, from big hotels and casinos to small establishments.

East Sun Cleaning Services, on the other hand, have extended its services from cleaning and public attendants to room attendants in prime hotels in Macau.

Job seekers with previous job experience and are interested in security jobs, cleaner jobs, public attendant jobs and room attendant jobs may submit their job applications at Winnerway and East Sun HR office.

Future Bright Group

Future Bright Group is located at the 2nd floor of Nam Fong building, a small office opposite the Sands Macau. It is the largest food and beverage enterprise in Macau.They currently operates over 30 restaurants in Macau. They also have other businesses like Future Bright Laundry, Future Bright Property Management and Future Bright Amusement Park which has a bowling center and operates the only real ice rink in Macau.

Job applicants can drop their resumes at the job application drop box located at their main office.

Wynn Resorts Macau

With the notion that if they take good care of their employees, the employees will take good care of their guests, Wynn offers the most beautiful remuneration package in Macau. Interested applicants can easily fill up an online application form, browse and apply for their dream jobs in Macau.

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Chong Hap

Chong Hap is both a cleaning and security service company. It’s main office is located at 4th floor of Va Long building, Avenida Doutor Mario Soares. (It is in front of the Hotel Sintra.) Chong Hap Group have reportedly stopped direct hiring and instead, assigned employment to one of the local job agencies in Macau.

GEG (Galaxy Entertainment Group)

GEG (Galaxy Entertainment Group) is the company handling the Galaxy group of companies. They operates Star World Macau, Galaxy Macau and other hotels and casinos. Just like Wynn Macau, Galaxy Entertainment Group is also know for the enjoyable salary and great benefits that they offer to their employees.

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Melco Crown Enterntainment

Melco Crown Entertainment is a fun company who is handling big hotels and casinos in Macau like City of Dreams, Studio City and Altira. Being one of the only six companies who have earned the rights to operate game of fortunes in Macau, Melco Crown Entertainment opens big remuneration and career growth opportunities to its “family” – they prefer calling their employees as families.

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G4S Security Jobs

G4S is one of the leading security service provider not only in Macau, but around the globe. From banks, hotels, casinos, to a variety of business establishments, G4S is a top choice for most entrepreneurs in Macau. The Human Resource office is located at the BL. 1, 11th floor of Keck Seng Industrial Center building, Avenida Venceslau de Morais.

Guardforce Security Jobs

Guardforce, like the G4S, is also one of the top security service provider in Macau. They specialize in security transport service, and is proud to say that they are the leading provider in this field. Job applicants can send their application letters and resume to or personally visit their HR office at 3rd floor of Keck Seng Industrial Center building.

Sands Macau

Sands Company is one of the only 6 gaming concessionaires in Macau. It is the operator of the largest casino in the world, Venetian Macau. They also manages other hotels in Macau like the Four Seasons Hotel, Sheraton, Holiday Inn, Conrad, St. Regis Macau and Sands Macau. These big hotels and casinos are in need of staffs to cater services to their guests, and you might be one of them!

You can apply online by joining their career sites where you can freely browse for the latest job openings and apply at the convenience of your laptops or smartphones.

Macau Fisherman’s Wharf

The Macau Fishermen’s Wharf is one of the business complex turned to tourist destination in Macau. Macau Fishermen’s Wharf is a replica of Rome in Macau. And with different businesses located in the complex, plus the newly recently opened Harbourview Hotel, Macau Fishermen’s Wharf have fun and promising job offers to those who would want to join their team.

You can start a career at Macau Fishermen’s Wharf by sending your application form online.

Air Macau

Air Macau Company Limited is the official flag carrier airline of and headquartered in Macau. Air Macau offers a perfect employment package especially for those who also have the desire to travel the world. From customer service jobs, mechanical engineering jobs, flight attendant jobs and pilot jobs, Air Macau offers one of the most exciting job experience in Macau.
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C and K Cleaning Company

C and K Cleaning Company is another cleaning service provider in Macau. They operate as a contract cleaners to some of the business establishments, residential building and schools in Macau. Their main office is located at the 9th floor of Chun Fok Industrial Center, Avenida Venceslau Morais.


JCHR (JC Human Resource Consulting) is the most sought-after human resource firm in Macau. They are the human resource agent of Circle K Macau. JCHR is owned and managed by Miss Jacinta Ho. JCHR focuses on matching talented jobseekers to Macau’s best jobs.

JCHR main office is located at the 9th floor of Si Toi building in the Praia Grande Street. (Behind Grand Lisboa). Interested applicants can submit their resume at

Jobs In Macau: The Only 6 Companies Who Have The Right To Operate Casinos In Macau

macau jobs in casinos and hotels

Macau is such an appealing place to start your career abroad. A very successful tourism and gaming industry made Macau the number 1 in the industry, overtaking Las Vegas in revenue since 2007. Macau is located at the heart of the entire asia. And with its “open country” status, Macau is easily accessible to almost everyone from all over the world. Saying so and more, Macau is the prime destination for overseas Filipino workers and expatriates from other countries.

With a beautiful culture and a successful economic status, Macau has become a great place to find a fortune abroad. This land promises a good living and work experience environment for expats. The Portuguese culture is also one of the reasons why it doesn’t only attract job seekers from the Chinese speaking countries and the rest of Asia, but also those from the opposite side of the globe, especially those from Portuguese-speaking countries like Portugal and Brazil.

Here are our list of the Big companies that owns the license and rights to operate casinos in Macau:

SJM (Sociedade do Jogos do Macau)

SJM is one of the six companies who were given the license to operate casinos in Macau. One of the very famous casinos that SJM Macau operates are Grand Lisboa Casino, Casino Lisboa, Ponte 16 Casino, Golden Dragon, Kam Pek Paradise Casino and the Macau Jockey Club. They also manage hotels in Grand Lisboa and Sofitel Hotel.

SJM, Sociedade de Jogos de Macau S.A., is the only casino gaming concessionaire with its roots in Macau. To be more exact, Sociedade de Jogos de Macau is owned by the very famous Macau Tycoon Mr. Stanley Ho. He is also known as the “King of Gambling” for his contributions into the gaming industry in Macau and all-over Asia. Macau is also famous for its very big number of patronates that no matter how many new casinos with much better facilities rises in Macau, they still stay as an avid devotee of these casinos.

For those who are looking for a job in Macau, you can mail and pass your applications in writing to the Manager – Human Resources at Rua de Foshan No. 51, Edf. Centro Comercial San Kin Yip, 12 Andar A, Macau.

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Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG)

Galaxy Hotel, Starworld Casino and the recently opened Broadway Macau, Ritz-Carlton Macau and J.W. Marriott Hotels Macau are just one of the big casinos and hotels in Macau under the wings of the Galaxy Entertainment Group. The prominent company is controlled by the Lui family from Hong Kong. The current chairman is the famous billionaire Lui Che-Woo.

Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) is also known for the kind benefits that they offer to their employees. And with its statement to bring interational service to its guest from all-over-the-world, Galaxy Entertainment Group is at constant hiring of talented individuals who are dreaming of starting a career in Macau.

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Wynn Resorts S.A.

Wynn Macau is a signature company of Mr. Steve Wynn, an American business magnate known for his involvement in luxury casino and hotel industry around the globe. Wynn Macau is one of the major companies that owns the right to operate game of fortunes in Macau. The company is also expected to open another casino next year, Wynn Palace Macau.

Wynn Macau is an excellent venue for building your career in hotel, casino and management industry. The management believes in the philosophy that if they take good care of their employees, their employees will also take good care of their guests. And this means that Wynn Macau management is after a long-term relationship with their staffs. So, if you are looking for a long-term and secured job in Macau, Wynn Macau is absolutely the right place for you.

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Sands Macau

Sands Macau, on the other hand, is an extension of the well-known the Las Vegas Sands Corporation. It is founded and owned by Sheldon Adelson, one of the successful entity in the hotel and gaming industry.

In Macau, Las Vegas Sands Corporation operates a group of hotels and casinos. They operate Sands Macau in the Macau Peninsula side, just a walking distance from the Macau ferry terminal. And in the Taipa side, the Sands Cotai (Cotai Strip or Central) which are composed of fabulous hotels: Sheraton Macao, Holiday Inn Macao, Conrad Macao, and recently, St. Regis Macao. It is also the operator of the largest casino in the world, the Venetian Macao.

Melco Crown Macau Ltd.

Melco Crown is the company behind the operations of Altira Macau, the strings of Mocha Club, City of Dream Macau (which also extended its operation to Philippines – the City of Dreams Manila) and the recently opened Studio City Macau.

Melco Crown Entertainment are the creators of the House of the Dancing Water, SOHO complex and Club Cubic, where every after-party is celebrated. It is quite promising and fun and for those looking for jobs in Macau, this is the perfect working environment if you’re looking for an exciting ride in your career.

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MGM Macau

MGM Macau is another big company under the Ho dynasty. It is a joint venture between MGM Resorts International and Ms. Pansy Ho (daughter of Mr. Stanley Ho).

MGM Macau is a luxury integrated inspired by the arts with every element of the resort infused with creativity and style. And, reportedly on the last quarter of year 2016, they will also open an extension at the Taipa side – MGM Cotai.

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Macau jobs are great opportunities to kickstart your career while having an income that is more than enough to suffice your daily needs, savings and after-40’s travel-the-world-dreams. These companies doesn’t just offer a good remuneration and job security but also a fun and memorable experience that you can cherish for the rest of your life.