Cebu Pacific Air: Do It Yourself Booking

Cebu Pacific Airlines is one of most fled budget airlines that is based in Philippines. It is known for its famous ticket promos popularly known as “piso-fares”, where the ticket would only cost a peso (Philippines peso). And it has helped a lot of travel enthusiast to achieve their dream of traveling from one place to another, especially those who are on a tight budget. Cebu Pacific Airlines also offers daily flight schedule Macau-Manila route, so it is really convenient to book your next vacation with this airlines.

How To Book and Save Money From Extra Fees

  1. You need to access the Cebu Pacific Air site by typing “cebu pacific air” on your web browser. And click on the link as shown in the picture below.


  2. You need to fill in your itinerary or desired date of departure and return (if you are planning to purchase a round-trip ticket), and then click “Find It” button.


  3. On this page, you will need to choose your desired flight schedule on the option listed. You can also choose a package you want: with a 20kg luggage, 20kg luggage with meal


  4. This page is where you enter your personal information. It is also in this page that you can choose to add a luggage and a meal. If you are traveling light, you can deselect a luggage option. On international flights, every ticket includes a meal, deselecting this can save you some bucks (as shown in the picture below).


  5. You also have the liberty to choose your preferred seat location. But if this does not bother you that much, you can simply choose “remove seat” and save some money from it. Anyway, once you have a ticket, you already are guaranteed a seat


  6. Every flight is also covered by a travel insurance. If you want to feel insured with your travel, you can simply leave this option checked, but if you want to cut your ticket cost, you can also un-check this option. In this page, don’t forget to check the terms and condition box to be able to proceed to the next step.


  7. The next step would be the checkout. If you don’t have a credit card, you can choose the option “Payment Centers” (as highlighted in the picture below). There will be a list of payment centers where you can pay for your booking. If you are in Macau, you can pay your ticket at BDO remittance center.


  8. This is going to be your itinerary receipt. You will need to print this page. This what you are going to present when you pay it in BDO remittance center in Macau together with your passport and blue card.