Jobs In Macau: Applying Online

I went to Macau as a tourist and ventured to look for a job. It was a fun experience. Wandering around this new place and exploring the various attractive spots. While, at the same time, looking for opportunities to start a career in Macau.

There are a lot of reasons that people work in Macau. One is because it is near to the Philippines and other neighboring countries like Nepal, Myanmar, Indonesia and Vietnam. It is also an open country, which means that you are only required a passport to get here.

For some Filipinos, it is more convenient to go to Macau and look for a job under a tourist visa. They’d usually take a fortune and risk spending money just to apply directly to job agencies in Macau.

Others would consider their Macau-job-hunting as a fun and fulfilling experience while on a tourist visa. But unfortunately, it was a nightmare to some.

It is because some employers and local job agencies take advantage of these vulnerable applicants. These agencies and employers charge unreasonable agency fees.  Due to this situations, OFWs are exposed to potential domestic abuses.

That is why the Philippine Consulate in Macau discourages Filipinos to gamble in Macau job-hunting under a tourist visa. The Macau authorities are also vigilant in apprehending job applicants who are on a tourist visa.

Online Job Applications

Now, you might be losing your hope of starting a career in Macau. It is complicated. I know.

But that doesn’t mean that your only choice is to settle for a local job in the Philippines.

Good news!

It is true that most of the OFW’s (Overseas Filipino Workers) in Macau landed a job while they’re visiting the country. But there are also many OFWs who applied through local recruitment centers in the Philippines. And some, directly sent job applications to various companies in Macau via the internet.

Just like them, you can also try applying online! Here are some of the famous job sites and company career websites in Macau.

Aside from these career sites, you can also submit your resumes directly to the e-mails of the human resource department of companies, hotels and casinos in Macau.

Here is an email list of some Human Resource Centers in Macau:

Disclaimer: This email list is generated through kind recommendation from OFWs who are currently working in Macau. They landed a job in Macau by applying through these emails. We are not related or linked to any of these companies.
If you have any suggestions regarding the list, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

If there’s a dream, there will always be actions.

Regardless of where you are right, you can always reach your dreams of working in Macau.

I hope that the above information will be able to help you start a career in Macau. That is my greatest mission in creating this site.

Please help me help more dreamers reach their goals by simply sharing these information.