Sands Macau Jobs

Sands Macau Jobs

  • Slot Attendant
  • Front Desk Agent
  • Food Safety Officer
  • VIP Host
  • Public Area Attendant
  • Security Officer
  • Limousine Services Dispatcher
  • Steward
  • Guest Relations Officer
  • Sous Chef – Bakery
  • IT

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Company Information

Address: Largo de Monte Carlo, No.203, Macau
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9am to 6pm
Contact No.: (853) 8118 6293

How To Apply

Before we proceed to the application process, let me first differentiate Sands Macau from Sands China.

Sands Macau is the hotel and casino that is under the international caliber company called The Sands China.

So, if you’re confused of the two, just remember that Sands Macau is the product of a brand called The Sands China. The Sands Macau is the iPhone 10 and the Sands China is the Apple.

Now, let’s jump right at the ways you can apply to Sands Macau jobs openings.

Recruitment Center

First, if you are currently in Macau, then you can apply directly to Sand Macau’s recruitment department. And there are two ways that you can achieve this: thru the job application drop box, and directly to the Sands China career center.

Drop Box

For those who wanted to just drop their job applications, you can visit the Sands Macau. There, you should look for the staff entrance. You can easily find this by asking where the KFC is. That is actually at the back side of the building.

Once you have located the employee entrance of the hotel and casino, you easily find the job application drop box.

As an additional tip, we would recommend that you drop your job application at least 3 times a week. There are a lot of applicants who would submit their job application thru this drop box. So, it’s like a raffle draw – the more you drop your entries, the more are your chances of winning.

Career Center

And another way for you to apply is thru the Sands China Career Center.

You can find the career center at the Venetian Macau. In there, you just have to locate where the Gondola Avenue is. Then, you just have to find the Botique di Gondola or the H & M.

We would suggest that you submit your application letter, resume, passport, recent photo, and school and work documents. And it is also better if you wear a presentable and formal attire when you submit your application documents. As the old saying goes, “The first impressions always lasts.”

Sands Macau Jobs Online Application

While for those who are not in Macau, you submit your applications online.

It’s very easy. All that you have to do is to visit their career page. Then, you should create your job application profile. Be sure to complete your profile because it will be your employers’ only reference when reviewing your qualifications.

Once you’re done with your profile, you can easily browse and apply to the latest Sands Macau jobs openings.

Job Agencies

Lastly, if the above options won’t work, you can choose to apply via job agencies.

There are a number of job agencies in Macau and in the Philippines. And you can use these to your advantage.

Below is a link to a list of job agencies in the Philippines and in Macau.

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