Hotel Lisboa Macau Jobs

Hotel Lisboa Macau Jobs

  • Waiter/Waitress
  • Steward
  • Driver
  • Receptionist
  • Room Attendant
  • Public Area Attendant
  • Uniform Attendant
  • IT Programmer
  • Bellboy
  • Security Guard
  • Laundry Attendant

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Company Information

Address: 2-4 Avenida de Lisboa, Macau
Office Hours: Monday – Saturday
Contact No.: (853) 2888 3888

Ways to apply

There are various ways to apply for Hotel Lisboa Macau jobs. Below, you will learn how.

Hotel Lisboa Macau Recruitment Office

First, you can apply directly to the Hotel Lisboa’s human resource office.

If you are in Macau, there are two ways that you submit your job application.

One, you can drop your resume to the drop box located at the Hotel Lisboa’s 456 lobby.

456 lobby drop box

And second, you can submit your resume to the SJM human resource office. It is located at the 12 floor of the San Kin Yip building, Rua de Foshan 51, Macau.

If you don’t where it is, you can ask at the lobby for the SJM human resource office.

While for those who are not in Macau, you can mail your application to the address below:
The Manager – Human Resources
Rua de Foshan No. 51

Edf. Centro Comercial San Kin Yip
12 Andar A, Macau

But make sure that mail all of the requirement as listed below:

  • Application letter
  • Resume
  • Passport Copy
  • School documents
  • Work experience documents

Hotel Lisboa Macau Jobs Online Application

Either you’re in Macau or in the Philippines, the best way to apply is through online.

First, you can visit Hotel Lisboa’s career page. Then, browse for the latest job openings and apply.

Another option is to apply via email.

After preparing a digital copy of all the requirement, you email them to this address:

Or you can also email your job application to the SJM’s human resource office via this address:

Job Agencies

Lastly, you can also try job application through job agencies in Macau and in the Philippines.

Job agencies can assist you in job hunting and perfectly matching you to the right employer. They will also assist you in processing your working permits.

Below is a list of job agencies in Macau and in the Philippines:

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