Holy Week In Macau: Amazing Ways To Celebrate

It’s the Holy Week. It is part of Filipinos strong religious culture. Holy Week is one of the most anticipated event each year. And you can celebrate it in various ways.

So, in this article, we would like to remind you to take a break. We will also suggest some of the amazing ways that you can celebrate the Holy Week in Macau.


Awesome Catholics as we are, we’ll never trade the magical leap we get every time we attend a holy mass. There are a number of churches in Macau that celebrates Holy Week. Some of which celebrates the holy ceremony in English and Filipino.

  • St. Augustine Church
  • San Lorenzo Church
  • St. Anthony Church

OFWs Community Events.

Filipinos love to socialize, especially the OFWs. It’s theirway of coping up with stress and longing to their loved ones back in the Philippines. The Philippines’ consulate in Macau organize different activities. There are also different events from different groups. You can check postings at our FB pages.

Solemn Time With Friends, Family and Self.

While some would love to just spend the Holy Week with their ‘close’ circles. Maybe with friends or family in Macau. You can setup a little gathering at the park near the Ruins of St. Pauls. The Dr. Sun Yat Sen park near the border gate is also a good choice. And for some, a little stroll through the hotels at the Cotai is a perfect plan.

You can also plan a day-getaway to Hong Kong.

Recollection by the beach.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than an unwind with the nature. You maybe alone or with your friends. Regardless, Hacsa offers you different options to choose from.

You can have a little hike. Or set a barbecue party by the beach. The Holy Week is a special occasion for us Filipinos.

You can celebrate it whatever you want.

You can even choose not to celebrate it, right?

What’s important is that the spirit of HIS holiness be with you and your family. Make the most out of it. Make it worthwhile.

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