Feng Shui Tips For Job Applicants In Macau

Chinese New Year again. It is that time of the year for beautiful fireworks. And guess what – Feng Shui tips!

This article is a collection of Feng Shui tips for those who are looking for jobs in Macau. I didn’t really believed in the tradition. But it’s worth a try. Nothing to lose. Possibly, a lot to gain.

Here’s a collection of Feng Shui tips that you can use to increase your chances of landing a job. Better, having a more prosperous career.

The Resume

For job applicants, you should avoid having horizontal lines in your resume. Horizontal lines tends to break up the flow of energy. In a more practical sense, horizontal lines gives the reader the chance to pause. And once they pause, there are a lot of other things that could grab their attention. May it be checking email, social media or other applicants’ resume.

The Law of Attraction

It is an old-fashioned notion. We get what we vibrate. Same is true in almost all aspects of our lives, including looking for job. Try to condition yourself that you’ll land the job position you’ve been dreaming of. It is also one way to prepare yourself for the possible job interview. And much better, to grow and learn once you get the job.

Wear lucky red

Red activates. I can still remember my grandmother buying me red undies to wear on my Nursing Licensure Exam. I don’t want to attribute it to the red under wears. But, hey, I passed the exam.

Same is true when I applied for a job in Macau. I wore red under wear during my interview. And it was a success.

Choose your Interview Clothes

There is more than just Feng Shui to support this idea. There are also research that shows how your clothes can affect your chances of getting hired. Here are some clothes recommendation for your job interview:

  • Management Positions: Wear darker colors. Colors like dark and navy indicates a person of authority.
  • Supporting Positions: Lighter colors like gray, tans, creams and whites. These colors indicates that you’re a hard working person. This is recommend for those who are applying in the service positions. Examples are waiters, room attendants, security guards and public attendants.
  • Communication Positions: Consider wearing blue. This is best for customer service ambassadors, hotel concierge, and other guess relations positions.
  • Financial Positions: Wear charcoal colors. This is for those who are applying for job position like cashier.

Make your house or apartment more lucky

Where you stay plays a big role in Feng Shui. It is where everything starts and ends. So, it is just right to attract positive energies at your home. Here are few tips:

  • Clean the clutter: This create space for the new job to enter. Organize your bed, table, and wardrobe.
  • Add a new welcome mat on your door. Welcome new opportunities to come to you.
  • Add water element near your front door. Give it the intention of getting you a new career.
  • Put some plants in your room or house. This will enhance the flow of chi in your life and career.

Be mindful during the interview

And so, here comes the interview. The real test just started.

The job applicants must be mindful of their body movements. A single blink or a little angle in how you sit might mean something to the interviewer.

So, be more mindful of your movements. Men should avoid folding hands in their laps. This means that you’re feeling afraid and threatened. For the ladies, avoid touching your jewelries during the interview. This may be taken as covering up a lie.

Knows some tips and rituals that helped you land your job? Share it to the comments below.

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