Applying for job during Chinese New Year in Macau?

There is a strong Chinese tradition of moving out the old and bringing in the new. Like, some Chinese would change their home appliance every Chinese New year in Macau.

This is also true in business. Maybe you’ve heard about feng shui. And most Chinese businessmen strongly believes in the power of this cultural phenomenon – everything should be in the right place at the right time.

So, what’s in it for job applicants in Macau?

Job seekers should be aware of the famous Chinese philosophies and beliefs. Some of which are very crucial during the Chinese New Year season.

This article is for those who are planning to apply for a job in Macau during the Chinese New Year season.

Chinese New Year is quite a good time for job application. You can enjoy festivals and free shows while you hunt for job openings. Plus, it is in this season that companies pool their job candidate lists. So, we suggest that you start online and be more active in personal submission of your job applications. You’re both a tourist and a career applicant!

Note however, that it is not advised to look for a job in Macau while you’re in a tourist visa. There are numerous cases of employee-related abuse. Mostly are those who are working in Macau without proper documents.

If you’re in the Philippines, you can use this time to submit applications instead. Do it everyday. Make online profiles on Macau companies’ jobs sites.

And to make your job application more effect, we made a different post about what the Feng Shui experts suggests for job applicants.

Yes, Chinese New Year is an important season for Macau. Most companies are busy celebrating the Chinese New Year – participating in various events like street dancing and other shows. So, you can only expect a call or a feedback regarding your application after the season.

It is not really a bad time for job hunting during the Chinese New Year. But if you are really determined to have it on this time of the year, do your best!

Oh, just don’t forget to take instagram-able photos of this colorful celebration while you walk through the streets of Macau.

Do you have any recommendation for those who are looking for a job in Macau? Or you simply have a beautiful story to share about your experience of Chinese New Year in Macau? Share them in the comments below.

Holy Week In Macau: Amazing Ways To Celebrate

It’s the Holy Week. It is part of Filipinos strong religious culture. Holy Week is one of the most anticipated event each year. And you can celebrate it in various ways.

So, in this article, we would like to remind you to take a break. We will also suggest some of the amazing ways that you can celebrate the Holy Week in Macau.


Awesome Catholics as we are, we’ll never trade the magical leap we get every time we attend a holy mass. There are a number of churches in Macau that celebrates Holy Week. Some of which celebrates the holy ceremony in English and Filipino.

  • St. Augustine Church
  • San Lorenzo Church
  • St. Anthony Church

OFWs Community Events.

Filipinos love to socialize, especially the OFWs. It’s theirway of coping up with stress and longing to their loved ones back in the Philippines. The Philippines’ consulate in Macau organize different activities. There are also different events from different groups. You can check postings at our FB pages.

Solemn Time With Friends, Family and Self.

While some would love to just spend the Holy Week with their ‘close’ circles. Maybe with friends or family in Macau. You can setup a little gathering at the park near the Ruins of St. Pauls. The Dr. Sun Yat Sen park near the border gate is also a good choice. And for some, a little stroll through the hotels at the Cotai is a perfect plan.

You can also plan a day-getaway to Hong Kong.

Recollection by the beach.

And there’s nothing more satisfying than an unwind with the nature. You maybe alone or with your friends. Regardless, Hacsa offers you different options to choose from.

You can have a little hike. Or set a barbecue party by the beach. The Holy Week is a special occasion for us Filipinos.

You can celebrate it whatever you want.

You can even choose not to celebrate it, right?

What’s important is that the spirit of HIS holiness be with you and your family. Make the most out of it. Make it worthwhile.

Travel Abroad: Cases You Should Read To Avoid “Offloading”

Are you ready to travel abroad? Have you secured all the requirement? Have you checked all the guidelines? Confident enough to dwell with the immigration officer?

All of this and still got rejected. Sometimes, completing all the necessary documents needed is not enough to ensure approval to travel abroad (see “Fast Facts about the “Offloading Policy” in the Philippines“). You also need to anticipate possible situations where officers will disapprove your exit the country. Know it. Avoid it.

Here are some of the scenarios that will designate you in a less ideal spot of the probing eyes of the Immigration Officers – and mostly leads to being “offloaded” from your departure abroad.

Ready to travel abroad?

If you belong to the following below, you will be more likely subjected to a secondary inspection:

  1. A financially incapable traveler who is travelling or is escorted by a foreigner with no civil relations
  2. An unaccompanied minor without due travel documents or clearance from the Philippines’ Department of Social Welfare and Development (DWSD)minor
  3. Repatriated workers which does not carry a designated clearance from the International Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT)
  4. Unmarried partners and spouses of foreign nationals due for a marital bond but have not secured the Guidance and Counseling Certificate from the Commission on Filipino Overseas (CFO)
  5. The point of destination have existing deployment bans, are on high alert or on a derogatory travel advisory, or those in possessions of visas from those locations
  6. Previous tourist travelers who stayed more than a year in their destination as a tourist and are subsequently travelling again



If you ever find yourself in the situations above, you may very well take all the necessary measure to affirm the validity of your travel (see “Boarding and Offloading Policies of the Philippine Immigration Bureau – What They Do and Don’t Tell You”).


How I Got A Job Interview At Wynn Macau Using A Mobile App

If ever you happened to work in Macau, or is currently working in Macau, you surely have heard that Wynn is one of the best companies in Macau. Wynn Macau offers the best incentives, benefits and remuneration package.

Apart from that, they believe in the idea that if they will take good care of their employees, their employees will also take good care of their business. Guaranteed, Wynn Macau is the perfect place to enhance and develop your skills and your career.

A classic way of applying for a job in Wynn is through online applications or by sending your resume to their HR office. But there’s one very effective trick that will guarantee you a job interview. Follow these simple steps below:

  1. Go to Apple Store or Play Store and download the “Wynn Careers Macau” app.wynnjobs

  2. You can now select between Wynn Macau and Wynn Palace Cotai. Then, choose which recruitment date suits your schedule.wynn jobs

    wynn job interview
  3. Select job position desired and book an interview.

    You can get the latest list of job opening at Wynn Macau here.
    wynn job

  4. Go through verification process. You’ll be needing an active mobile number here. Then, proceed to the next steps until you are successfully able to book an interview.

  5. Wait for the text or email confirmation from Wynn Macau HR for your schedule of job interview.

Lastly, show up in. And secure a job position at Wynn Macau.

You can also check out the local job agencies in Macau.

Macau Weather

Macau weather should be on your pre-departure checklist. If you want to get the most of Macau, then you should prepare yourself well.

Before traveling, we do our research about hotels, itineraries, tickets and places to eat. And one more essential factor to take note is the weather. You want to make sure that you are traveling in the best season. So, that you can enjoy scenes that are dependent to weathers. And more importantly, avoid getting stranded at the ferry terminals or airports.

Macau weather has 4 seasons: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Though Macau is only a small country, a one or two day tour to Macau is enough. Yet, you have to make sure that the weather cooperates to enjoy the rest of it.


Spring in Macau is from March to April and sometimes extends until May. The average temperature during this season is around 18 to 23 degree Celcius. It is sunny most of the time with occasional rains. Macau also experiences foggy days which is a common reason for a delay in ferry operations.


Late in May until August is the long summer season in Macau. It sometimes extends until September. This is the hottest season in Macau. The temperature average from 23 to 29 degree Celcius. This is also the “typhoon” season in Macau. So, for travelers, this is one of the seasons that you must avoid if you are planning a trip to Macau. Still, this is a perfect season for outdoor activities like swimming at Hac Sa beach or Cheoc Van beach.


For me, this is the best time to visit Macau. The autumn season usually starts from October to December. It is perfectly cooler than summer and a little warmer than winter. The lovely weather is perfect visit famous landmarks like Ruins of St. Pauls, and the Senado Square


From late December until the Chinese New Year’s month is the winter season. Macau’s weather temperature can sometimes drop below zero degrees Celcius. It is the time of the year when the streets of Macau are less crowded. There is no snow in Macau. But the temperature might drop too low, making it hard to roam around Macau. Thick winter clothes are advised to be worn during this season.

Hong Kong To Macau: One Day Tour Macau Attractions And Travel Guide For 2016

ruins of st pauls

Macau (“Makao“) is a small peninsula at the bottom side of China which is known for its rich culture – a blend of Portuguese and Chinese. It is only an hour away from Hong Kong if you take a ferry, so most of the Hong Kong tourists tend to insert a one-day tour to Macau. And this article will help you get the most of Macau attractions in just a day of tour.

Hong Kong to Macau ferries operate for almost 24 hours. By the way, Macau has two ferry terminals: Macau Ferry Terminal and Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal. Macau ferry terminal is solely operated by the TurboJet while the Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal is dominated by the CotaiJet.

If you want to experience the beauty of Hong Kong and Macau skyline, we recommend that you take a 16-minute helicopter ride through Sky Shuttle, the only company that operates this kind of service from Hongkong to Macau. The Sky Shuttle operates from 10am to 11pm and the price starts from $4,800 HKD.

Macau is so small that a one-day tour is more than enough for most visitors. However, due to a very small number of people who speak English in the area and too many tiny streets that lead to almost nowhere, most tourists in Macau easily gets lost and would spend the rest of the day finding their way back to the ferry terminal to catch their ferry bound to Hong Kong. For this reason, we decided to create this article to help those who are planning to take a little side trip and experience Macau at its finest.

And here it is – your one day Macau Travel Guide.

Take a free shuttle bus to Wynn Hotel.

Upon arrival at Macau Ferry Terminal or Taipa Temporary Ferry Terminal, various hotels and casinos in Macau offer a free bus transport to their establishment. Most shuttle buses operate from 10am to 11pm. If you have your own itineraries and travel guides, you can use these services for your convenience.

wynn resorts hotel macau
wynn macau

But for the purpose of this article, let us take a free shuttle bus to Wynn Hotel. It has an international reputation for great customer service and luxurious casino and hotel facilities. Wynn Macau is also visited by tourists for its 10-minute Dragon and Golden Tree Show which starts from 10am to 12mn at 30-minutes interval.  As you have seen it in many Macau tourism promotions, Wynn Hotel’s very famous dancing water show is also a must-see. The synchronized water and light show starts from 10am to 10pm, every 15 minutes. These shows have informally become one of the celebrated attractions in Macau.

Beside Wynn Macau, there are also other casinos and hotels around the area like Starworld Casino, L’Arc Hotel and Casino, MGM Macau, Hotel Lisboa and Grand Lisboa. You can also conveniently take a quick tour around these hotels and casinos. Each of them offers various attractions for tourists, too. There is this grandiose aquarium of beautiful fishes at MGM; the beautiful sculptures of angels, horses and all other creatures at the facade of the L’Arc Hotel and Casino; and the collection of beautiful jades and antiques by Mr. Stanley Ho at Hotel Lisboa.

A stroll along Macau City road and a taste of Macau’s famous Portuguese Egg Tart.

After those gigantic hotels and casinos, our next stop is going to be Macau’s busiest and very well-known street – Infante Henrique. This is like a miniature of the Hong Kong’s streets but unlike any other ordinary street, this one is magical. I personally did not imagine that I can find beauty in a busy street amidst a traffic jam. You can stand at an intersection of the highway, close your eyes, and you can imagine the fast moving world mysteriously change its pace in a slow-motion. Could anybody explain that?

As we move along, let us drop by a small store which is listed in every “Must Go Place in Macau” articles – the very renowned Margaret’s Cafe e Nata. If ever you are wondering what is in this store, it is the best seller delicacy – Macau’s Portuguese Egg Tart. I assure you, this delectable Portuguese egg tart is worth the long wait in queue.

Aside from that oh-so-good egg tart, you can also explore other restaurants around the vicinity. You can see different kinds of chinese food here and there. There is a well-known diner just opposite Maragaret’s Cafe e Nata, across the ICBC bank, and that’s Chan Kong Kei. They offer their famous gastronomic delight – pork, duck and chicken cooked in Chinese style. Sik Fahn La! (Cantonese for “Let’s Eat”).

Senado Square, Leal Senado Building, Macau Postal Office and legendary Macau Baroque Buildings

Our next destination is one of Macau’s pride – the crowded and bustling Senado Square. This Heritage Site is also known as San Malou. Back in the old days, Senado Square serves as a meeting place for the residents in Macau, like a plaza. In this area, you can notice stunning Portuguese architectures – a proof of how a place will look like when the West meets the East.

While you are at the Senado Square, you can conveniently swing by Leal Senado Building and Macau Postal Office.

Leal Senado building used to be the seat of Portuguese Macau Government during the Portuguese sovereignty over Macau. The entrance is for free. Inside the establishment, you will see a small library of collection of books of Macau’s laws and statutes. On the second floor, you can sit, relax and enjoy a small peaceful garden. On a personal note, sitting on a bench therein while watching a small water fountain highlighted by gorgeous flowers is a perfect escape from the busy streets of Macau.

leal senado building macau
leal senado building

Macau Post Office is almost a century old, thus this magnificently designed building is worth a photograph. Great news for those who love to collect stamps! There is variety of collection of stamps inside the post office! There is so much beauty in this building, but the only thing that took my breath away is this striking view of a clock that seems to guard the rapidly growing City of Macau.

macau postal office
macau postal office


Churches in Macau

Just near Senado Square, there are churches that you can visit: the St. Augustine Church, St. Dominic’s Church, and the Cathedral.

St. Augustine Church is considered to be the parochial church of a number of Filipinos who live in Macau. It is located at the top of the hill behind the Leal Senado building. The church is usually jam-packed during Saturdays and Sundays masses because of the growing Filipino community in the city. Around the St. Augustine Church, you can also drop by a library, which houses the sweet smell of leather-bound tomes of Macau’s literary antiques. Book lovers just got to love that ‘oh so good’ mysterious library scent while rummaging through the stacks.

st augustine simbang gabi
st augustine simbang gabi

St Dominic’s Church is not your just-another-church-around-the-corner. It was included as one of the cultural heritage sites here in Macau. Aside from its enigmatic church design, it also has a museum of relics and paintings.

Read More: St. Dominic’s Church: A Must Visit in Macau

Lastly, the Macau Cathedral Church has a typical neoclassical style and is one of the architectural statement in Macau. It is exquisitely located at the top of a hill when you pass through a small street beside McDonald’s in the Senado Square.

macau cathedral church
macau cathedral church


Macau Shopping Avenue, the Free Taste of Macau’s Delicacies and The Ruin’s of St. Pauls

If you are looking for something to bring home for your folks, from souvenirs, branded clothes and latest gadgets, you can find a very active shopping avenue right at the juncture of Senado Square and Ruins of St Pauls. My favourite spot is a little crowded street where every stall offers a free taste of their specialties! From meat jerkies to cookies, you cannot just pass this street without having one!

If there is only one reason why people visit Macau, it is because they want to see the iconic Ruins of St. Paul’s. This over-a-hundred-year-old facade has become the famous tourist attraction in Macau. If you ask some locals, the walls of this church mirror a thousand stories of faith and valour and how it stood the test of time. It has also become the symbol of Macau. So when you visit, you can forget everything else in your itinerary except the Ruins of St Paul’s. Don’t forget to take your best selfie!

ruins of st pauls
ruins of st pauls


The Ruins of St Pauls is more than just an attraction. It serves as a museum of the rich culture and history of Macau. Inside the Ruins, is a small museum that is open to public. At the left side of the facade, you will be able to see a small temple. At the right side of the Ruins of St Pauls, across the park, are the Macau Museum and the great Macau Fortress which offers a 360-degree-view of Macau City. So, that’s Portuguese culture, Chinese Culture and Macau History in one place! For some, a visit at Ruin’s of St. Paul’s is enough for the day, but let me tell you, we’re just half way of our Macau experience.

Read More: Attraction Nearby Ruin’s of St. Pauls

Ama Temple and A Glimpse of Macau Tower

Now, from the Senado Square, let us leisurely walk back to Grand Lisboa. Opposite that, you will find a series of bus stations. Look for the colour “blue” station or the “B” station. Then, take either bus number 32 or 9A. The fare is $3.20 MOP, and get off to our next destination, the stately Macau Tower!

Macau Tower is one of the highest bungee jumping station all-over-the-world. If you don’t have enough courage to jump, then the 360 degree viewing is more than enough. The entrance is $30 HKD.

After the breathtaking view of the city from Macau Tower, our next and final stop will be the historical Ama Temple. This is initially where Macau took its name. This place is where the original port was located. It is also included in the list as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Ama Temple was built in 1488 and is one of the oldest Taoist Temples in China. In getting to Ama Temple from Macau Tower, we take bus number 18 and get off at the last station (Barra Bus Terminal) and just across the street, there lies the Ama Temple. The fare is $3.20 MOP (HKD is also accepted).

Entering through a gateway, you will experience a creeping sense of transformation of faith. Though it is usually crowded and takes a long queue for picture taking, Ama Temple is worth a stopover. Some believed that this temple brings good luck in health, wealth and relationships. My mother even believed that I got a job here in Macau because it was revealed by the fate reader at the temple.

There are series of pavilions at the Ama Temple. The upper part of the temple has a big stone with a Chinese Character engraved on it. Outside the temple, there is a museum of ancient maritime culture of Macau. There is a dragon boat and a man-made river which is like a miniature of those scenes that you can see in the Chinese movies.

By now, you should have almost toured Macau in just a couple of hours. These are just recommendation that we think you should consider and prioritize in your very short trip to this amazing city. Apart from the list above, some tourist attractions in Macau like the Guia Hill, Lou Lim Ioc garden, the Fisherman’s Wharf, the hotel and casinos in the Taipa side (Venetian Hotel, Galaxy Hotel, Hard Rock, City of Dreams), Taipa Village and many more are also must-sees. Don’t be limited by the list and recommendations that every travel guide would provide you. Always remember that the most wonderful thing about travelling is discovering and immersing yourself in the place. Perhaps go beyond the checklist on the brochures and bring home as much good memories as you can!

Cebu Pacific Air: Do It Yourself Booking

Cebu Pacific Airlines is one of most fled budget airlines that is based in Philippines. It is known for its famous ticket promos popularly known as “piso-fares”, where the ticket would only cost a peso (Philippines peso). And it has helped a lot of travel enthusiast to achieve their dream of traveling from one place to another, especially those who are on a tight budget. Cebu Pacific Airlines also offers daily flight schedule Macau-Manila route, so it is really convenient to book your next vacation with this airlines.

How To Book and Save Money From Extra Fees

  1. You need to access the Cebu Pacific Air site by typing “cebu pacific air” on your web browser. And click on the link as shown in the picture below.


  2. You need to fill in your itinerary or desired date of departure and return (if you are planning to purchase a round-trip ticket), and then click “Find It” button.


  3. On this page, you will need to choose your desired flight schedule on the option listed. You can also choose a package you want: with a 20kg luggage, 20kg luggage with meal


  4. This page is where you enter your personal information. It is also in this page that you can choose to add a luggage and a meal. If you are traveling light, you can deselect a luggage option. On international flights, every ticket includes a meal, deselecting this can save you some bucks (as shown in the picture below).


  5. You also have the liberty to choose your preferred seat location. But if this does not bother you that much, you can simply choose “remove seat” and save some money from it. Anyway, once you have a ticket, you already are guaranteed a seat


  6. Every flight is also covered by a travel insurance. If you want to feel insured with your travel, you can simply leave this option checked, but if you want to cut your ticket cost, you can also un-check this option. In this page, don’t forget to check the terms and condition box to be able to proceed to the next step.


  7. The next step would be the checkout. If you don’t have a credit card, you can choose the option “Payment Centers” (as highlighted in the picture below). There will be a list of payment centers where you can pay for your booking. If you are in Macau, you can pay your ticket at BDO remittance center.


  8. This is going to be your itinerary receipt. You will need to print this page. This what you are going to present when you pay it in BDO remittance center in Macau together with your passport and blue card.


Flats In Macau: 8 Helpful Tips

Finally, you are going to live in Macau. But you have no idea which place or part of Macau should you stay. Choosing flats in Macau can be a terrible experience without a good knowledge on how-to.

This article is a summary of what you should consider before choosing an apartment in Macau.


Comfort is the primary reason while we choose to have our own place. Unless you are okay staying at your company’s dorm then you can end reading here. Regardless of whether you’re here in Macau for a vacation or work, comfort is a necessity that everyone needs after a long day walking around the city or a refuge after a stressful day at work.


Another thing to consider is accessibility. Is this place near your workplace? Are there any grocery stores or supermarket nearby? Is this place accessible to bus stops? Is this place safe and easy to access if I go home late at night? These are some questions that you need to inquire to know the accessibility score of your place. Let’s if you answered YES to all these questions, then the accessibility score is “PERFECT”. But because the budget is also an issue, you need to prioritize these questions, too. Surely, you will find a perfect place but for sure that would be costly. And one more thing, since most of the residences in Macau are apartment types, you should also check at which floor is the flat located. Is there a lift? Are you okay taking the stairs?


One big factor that makes a house comfortable is cleanliness. Who gets a good night sleep if there are terrors of the dark anywhere? Cockroaches, rats, and worse, bed bugs. Make sure that not just the house is clean, but also, the people that you might be staying with are responsible enough to maintain cleanliness and shares with you one goal in mind – get rid of dark terrors.

Comfort Room

There are two types of toilets in Macau, as far as I’ve known. The common toilet and the squat toilet. If the main goal is cleanliness, then either of the two types of toilet won’t matter. But if you are that type who loves to spend “me time” during your toilet moments, then you should choose which of the two are more comfortable for you. I have included this because I have experienced living in both types of toilets and is surprised to know that I’m a common-toilet-type-of-guy. So, I wasted time looking for another place, AGAIN.


We are in the bloom of social media and it’s a very commonly used medium to connect to our loved ones. Also, the internet has become one of the common past-times. If you are planning to rent a whole apartment, make sure to ask if the place is internet connection ready. If you are going to just rent a room, make sure that there is an internet WiFi connection SHARED to all living in the place. An important note, be sure to ask for the access before you move in.

Number of people in the flat

In a Filipino tradition, it is obvious that the more the merrier it will be. But not in the case of living abroad especially if there is not enough space in your apartment. OFWs would tend to utilize every corner of the house so that many people can share in the bills and rent. So, if your primary goal is to save, then maybe you won’t mind getting bed spaces for rent. But, again, if you are all after comfort which you believe you deserve, then you must consider the number person in the apartment. Because the number of persons in the flat is equaled to the time you have to wait for the comfort room and the speed of the internet you get from sharing the wifi. But on the lighter note, the more people you are living with, the better the chances that you can cope up with the famous “home sick”.


If you decided to rent a room, you should check if there is an AC. During the summer season, the temperature in Macau rises up to 35-38 degrees. Almost the same in the Philippines, but take note that during this season, Macau’s temperature is very dry. A room with an AC can provide a good comfort. Or else, you should rely on an electric fan.


You are after you comfort and you are willing to pay to achieve that. But also, remember that you are not going to stay for long here in Macau. Make a budget, and stick with that. Don’t be afraid and get tired of looking for a place to stay in Macau. There are a lot of Facebook community groups for Filipinos in Macau like Bahay Kubo Macau, Bahay ni Kuya and Juan Macau where you can ask your fellow kababayans for help in looking for a place to stay, to live, here in Macau.

3 Essential Tips When Planning To Work Abroad

essential tips for those planning to work abroad

How did you do it? How’s it like working abroad? We are also planning to work abroad.

These are the common questions I am obliged to answer since I came home here in the Philippines. It was a great experience working abroad at such an early age. It was both a fun and nurturing experience. I always feel proud sharing my stories of ups and downs with my peers. But it always graces me a moment of pause whenever my young friends ask, “Where do we start?”

Filipinos are known as one of the world’s top human resource. We are like almost everywhere. We are raised and educated to work abroad. I can still remember asking my nephew about his dreams. He would always boastfully answer me that all he ever wanted was to work abroad.

Well, a good pay and a chance to travel the world is a great catch for young souls. I bought that idea, too. But working abroad isn’t a one-way ticket to happiness. It also has its own share of tears and heartbreaks. Thus, I would always advise my friends and younger friends to prepare themselves really well.

In this article, I will share with you some tips that would help you succeed in your venture abroad. This is helpful to those who are going to work abroad for the first time. Also, for those who were unfortunate on their first try.

Determine your reasons for working abroad.

My first tip would always be to determine your main reason why you want to go abroad. Or simply ask yourself, “What is my main goal in working abroad?”

Kun Iam statue

This is going to be your main focus and will save you tears when everything won’t go as planned. This is also going to play a big factor when it comes to decision-making. Working abroad entails making quick decisions that must be made only in a matter of hours. Sometimes, in a matter of few minutes.

Make sure that you clearly define your goals. It should be specific. So, don’t just say that you want to save money. Rather, save money so that you can send your siblings to college. Or to build a business. Or to raise your growing family. It can also be to travel the world. Regardless of what your target is, always keep these goals in your mind and in your heart. This is a great life saver.

Choosing your destination.

Now that you have defined your goals, it is now time to choose the country where you want to go. Don’t just choose a ramdom country. To help you, I compiled some important questions to ask:

a pedicab at the senado square

Is it safe?

First, your safety. You must do a thorough research whether it’s already safe to go to Syria. Or if you still need to bring mosquito repellants when you work in Argentina. What I am trying to say is that you should always consider your own safety. You can not afford your family worrying why you failed to call back. When you just had a hungover.

What is the cost of living?

To save money is one of the most common reasons why Filipinos go abroad. So, it is important to consider the cost of living in a certain country. You can not exchange your time to just nothing.

What is the visa requirement?

Lastly, is this certain country open for Filipinos? If yes, do I need to get a visa?

You should always secure legal working documents when you want to work abroad. We do not recommend that you risk working illegally just to reach your dreams abroad.

Based on the questions above, you must list at least 3-5 countries. This is to keep your options open.

Be open.

Now, you have finally determined your goals and have chosen prospect countries. Next, you must keep yourself open to opportunities. A lot of things can happen beyond your control and expectations. Keeping an open approach will help you maintain sanity.

Feng Shui Tips For Job Applicants In Macau

Chinese New Year again. It is that time of the year for beautiful fireworks. And guess what – Feng Shui tips!

This article is a collection of Feng Shui tips for those who are looking for jobs in Macau. I didn’t really believed in the tradition. But it’s worth a try. Nothing to lose. Possibly, a lot to gain.

Here’s a collection of Feng Shui tips that you can use to increase your chances of landing a job. Better, having a more prosperous career.

The Resume

For job applicants, you should avoid having horizontal lines in your resume. Horizontal lines tends to break up the flow of energy. In a more practical sense, horizontal lines gives the reader the chance to pause. And once they pause, there are a lot of other things that could grab their attention. May it be checking email, social media or other applicants’ resume.

The Law of Attraction

It is an old-fashioned notion. We get what we vibrate. Same is true in almost all aspects of our lives, including looking for job. Try to condition yourself that you’ll land the job position you’ve been dreaming of. It is also one way to prepare yourself for the possible job interview. And much better, to grow and learn once you get the job.

Wear lucky red

Red activates. I can still remember my grandmother buying me red undies to wear on my Nursing Licensure Exam. I don’t want to attribute it to the red under wears. But, hey, I passed the exam.

Same is true when I applied for a job in Macau. I wore red under wear during my interview. And it was a success.

Choose your Interview Clothes

There is more than just Feng Shui to support this idea. There are also research that shows how your clothes can affect your chances of getting hired. Here are some clothes recommendation for your job interview:

  • Management Positions: Wear darker colors. Colors like dark and navy indicates a person of authority.
  • Supporting Positions: Lighter colors like gray, tans, creams and whites. These colors indicates that you’re a hard working person. This is recommend for those who are applying in the service positions. Examples are waiters, room attendants, security guards and public attendants.
  • Communication Positions: Consider wearing blue. This is best for customer service ambassadors, hotel concierge, and other guess relations positions.
  • Financial Positions: Wear charcoal colors. This is for those who are applying for job position like cashier.

Make your house or apartment more lucky

Where you stay plays a big role in Feng Shui. It is where everything starts and ends. So, it is just right to attract positive energies at your home. Here are few tips:

  • Clean the clutter: This create space for the new job to enter. Organize your bed, table, and wardrobe.
  • Add a new welcome mat on your door. Welcome new opportunities to come to you.
  • Add water element near your front door. Give it the intention of getting you a new career.
  • Put some plants in your room or house. This will enhance the flow of chi in your life and career.

Be mindful during the interview

And so, here comes the interview. The real test just started.

The job applicants must be mindful of their body movements. A single blink or a little angle in how you sit might mean something to the interviewer.

So, be more mindful of your movements. Men should avoid folding hands in their laps. This means that you’re feeling afraid and threatened. For the ladies, avoid touching your jewelries during the interview. This may be taken as covering up a lie.

Knows some tips and rituals that helped you land your job? Share it to the comments below.