Galaxy Entertainment Group Macau Jobs And Careers 2016

Galaxy Entertainment Group

Galaxy Entertainment Group is one of the only 6 gaming concessionaire who are allowed to operate game of chance in Macau. It is one of the biggest career communities for foreigners in Macau, alongside Sands China and Wynn Resorts Macau. GEG takes pride in giving its employees the best remuneration packages. They also offer one of the best working environment that fosters career and personal growth. Working with GEG probably is the best career desicion you’ll ever make in your life.

galaxy macau

Hotels and Casinos that GEG operates and manages:

  • Galaxy Macau
  • Broadway Macau
  • Starworld Macau
  • City Clubs: Waldo Casino, President Casino, Rio Casino

Jobs at Galaxy Entertainment Macau Application Guide

GEG Human Resource Office

GEG HR office is located at 7th floor of Centro Commercial Brihantismo Building, Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpacao. That is the same floor where the East Sun Cleaning Agency and Winnerway Security Agency are located. Applicants who are currently staying, living or working in Macau may personally submit their resumes at the front desk of the said office.

To get there, one must simply locate the Kun Iam statue in Macau. Opposite the statue is a park, Dr. Carlos D’Assumpacao park. If you are facing the park, the GEG HR office building is at your right side. This is easy for those who have been living in Macau for quite some time.

For new comers, you can simply locate Praca Ferreira Amaral bus stop which is located near Grand Lisboa and Casino Lisboa, resprectively. Go to bus stop (letter), (color) and take bus number #. Get off at the (bus stop).

There are reports that they don’t allow anymore job applications from foreigners. Thus, applying online would be the best option for you.

Online Job Application at Galaxy Entertainment Group Macau

GEG offers a number of job openings that you can conveniently apply through their job site. Applying online for jobs at GEG is easy and you can follow these simple steps:

1. Go to
2. Make an account.
3. Be sure to fill required information about you and accompany it with credentials and photos.
4. Browse for the latest job openings.
5. Apply. And confirm application.

You can also follow up your application by sending them an email at You can also make a phone call at their HR office at +853 8883 9688.

Galaxy Entertainment Group Macau is only one of the 6 best companies to work in Macau. To get a higher chance of getting hired, I recommend that you apply through recruitment agencies. Most of these companies in Macau outsource talent search to local job agencies.

L Arc Macau Jobs Opening And Application Guide

l arc staff entrance

L’Arc Macau is one of the high caliber hotel and casinos in Macau. It has provided lots of job opportunities like public attendants, security officers, front desk agents, valet attendants, room attendants, cocktail servers and the list continues. For those who don’t know, L’Arc Macau is located near Wynn Macau, Starworld Hotel and Casino and MGM. This article will showcase the latest L Arc Macau jobs and a simple guide on how to apply.

Latest Job Openings For The Month Of February

  • Accounting Clerk
  • Corporate Communications Coordinator
  • Corporate Communications Officer
  • General Technician
  • Duty Engineer
  • Assistant Duty Engineer
  • Banquet Sales Coordinator
  • Chinese Restaurant Assistant Manager
  • Pastry Commis Chef
  • L’Arc Lounge Bartender
  • Western Kitchen Kitchen Helper
  • (Part Time) Banquet Waiter/Waitress
  • Guest Services Officer
  • Service Centre Agent
  • Assistant Executive Housekeeper
  • Room Attendant
  • Public Area Attendant
  • Senior Uniform & Linen Attendant
  • Human Resources Development Assistant
  • System Analyst

L Arc Macau Jobs: Where to Apply

1. L’Arc Macau Job Application Drop Box

L’Arc HR drop box is located at the staff entrance near Royal Arc entrance of the hotel. It is at the back side of the building when you are facing the entrance of the main lobby of the hotel. refer to the picture below.

L'Arc - Royal Arc Entrance
L’Arc – Royal Arc Entrance

Once you have found the Royal Arc Entrance, you will be able to easily locate the L’Arc staff entrance.

L'Arc Staff Entrance - L Arc Macau Jobs
L’Arc Staff Entrance

Go inside the L’Arc staff entrance and go down one floor. The drop box can easily be located right after the security’s post. You can also the security guard for assistance.

Read More: How to apply for jobs in Macau when you’re currently in Philippines.

2. L’Arc Macau Online Application

L’Arc’s career site is always up-to-date and you can easily browse for the current job openings in their website. You can apply for a job at L’Arc Macau in three easy ways: Register for free. Upload your resume and update your personal information. And click APPLY.

Aside from their career site page, you can also email your resume directly to their HR in this address:

List Of Job Agencies (Recruitement Centers) In Macau

3. L’Arc Macau Human Resource Department Main Office

L’Arc HR office is located at 16th floor of Cheng Feng building, which is located beside the building of Sunrise and Securitas Employment Centers.



You can mail your application form and resume to their HR in this mail address: Human Resource Department – Alameda Dr. Carlos D’Assumpacao, nos. 332-362, Centro Comercial Cheng Feng, 16 Andar, Macau. For more assistance, you can also call HR hotline: (853) 8860 8205.

Grand Lisboa Jobs And Careers For 2016

Grand Lisboa is committed to offering world-class service to its customers, relying highly on valuable and experienced talents to help the company achieve its goals. Grand Lisboa provides excellent career prospects and competitive benefits to their team members including medical, dental, life insurance and provident fund schemes. They strongly believe in short and long term career planning for each and every team member to realize their personal goals. A wide range of training courses are also provided to the employees to maintain consistency, proficiency and career growth. These and many more reasons why you should start your Grand Lisboa Careers NOW! Follow below as we list the latest Grand Lisboa jobs and ways to apply.

Grand Lisboa Jobs Latest Openings For December

  • Casino Marketing Event Executive
  • Guest Services Officer
  • Guest Services Officer (Part Time)
  • Marketing Ambassador (Shuttle Bus)
  • Marketing Ambassador (Part Time)
  • Retail Services Officer (Part Time)
  • Premium Services Ambassador
  • Scheduling Clerk
  • Slot Attendant
  • Casino Food and Beverage Cook
  • Senior Internal Auditor

Where to pass your resume in Grand Lisboa:

Drop Box

Grand Lisboa resume drop box is located at the main lobby of the hotel. It is located at the old reception counter of the hotel, near the comfort room of the main lobby. There are many Filipinos employed in the Grand Lisboa as a security guard. So, if you feel lost don’t hesitate to approach one and ask if they are Filipino. If they are, they’ll surely be glad to assist you.

grand lisboa jobs - drop-box

Human Resource Office

HR office is at the 12th floor of the same building. You can personally give your resume to HR personnel. You can take the elevators located at the main lobby. Unlike Hotel Lisboa, Grand Lisboa has only one main entrance, so you’ll easily find your way.

Online Application

Grand Lisboa has a great online presence. Its site offers an updated list of the latest hotel and casino promotions. It also has an up-to-date list of the latest job openings. You can browse for the career openings for casino and hotel job positions here.

Aside from their online site, you can also apply online by sending resume directly to Grand Lisboa HR. For casino job positions, you can your resume here: And for hotel jobs, send your resume in this email:

Casino Lisboa Jobs And Careers

Casino Lisboa is one of the most successful casinos in Macau. It houses many different casinos including Mona Lisa and Crystal Palace. They have career openings for positions like security guard, cocktail server, dealer assistant and customer service agent. Most customers of Casino Lisboa are Chinese, so knowledge of the language is a big plus. This article is about the latest Casino Lisboa jobs and various ways to apply.

How Apply For Casino Lisboa Jobs

There are just four possible ways that you can apply for a job in Casino Lisboa:

1. Drop Box. Casino Lisboa drop box is located at the HR office SJM – the main company operating Casino Lisboa. It is located at 12th floor of the San Kin Yip building. If you don’t know where it is, it is located at the back of Casino Lisboa building. Refer to the picture below. 

casino lisboa jobs
San Kin Yip bldg. is located beside the old Lisboa building
San Kin Yip main entrance is located right in front of Casino Fortuna

2. Mail. This is too traditional but is also another way to apply for jobs in Macau. You mail your application letter with CV in writing to the Manager – Human Resources at Rua de Foshan No. 51, Edf. Centro Comercial San Kin Yip, 12 Andar A, Macau.

3. Online. There’s nothing more easier than applying online. The problem with SJM is that they don’t their own “career site” where you can find the latest job openings. Instead, you can email your resume directly to their HR at this e-mail address.

4. Job Agencies. There are a lot of job agencies that are connected to SJM. Thus, applying through these job agencies can help process your job application at ease.

Hotel Lisboa Jobs And Careers Openings For 2017

Hotel Lisboa is one of the oldest and very famous hotel and casino in Macau. It is managed by SJM and STDM, two big companies that are associated with Mr. Stanley Ho. With its strong company background, it has been one of the most sought after companies by almost all job seekers and professionals in Macau, including the first timers. In this article, you will the latest Hotel Lisboa jobs openings.

Latest Job Openings at Hotel Lisboa for the Month of FEBRUARY!

  • Head Chef
  • 1st Commis
  • Assistant Banquet Services Manager
  • Banquet Sales Manager
  • Banquet Sales Executive
  • Executive Pastry Chef
  • Demi Chef – Pastry & Bakery
  • 2nd Commis – Pastry & Bakery
  • Laundry Manager
  • Laundry Supervisor
  • Valet Runner
  • Presser
  • Washer
  • Attendant
  • Assistant Front Office Manager
  • Chief Receptionist
  • Receptionist
  • Guest Relations Assistant
  • Reservation Clerk
  • Bell Captain
  • Telephone Operator
  • Bellboy
  • Driver
  • Executive Housekeeper
  • Assistant Executive Housekeeper
  • Head Supervisor – Housekeeping
  • Room Attendant
  • Public Area Cleaner
  • More Jobs Here!

Where to apply for jobs in Hotel Lisboa

There are four ways to pass your resume at Hotel Lisboa:

1. Hotel Lisboa Drop Box is located at the 456 entrance, inside a small room beside the customer service counter. You can drop your resume/CV once a week, but most applicants would pass there every day. Well, just like a common raffle slogan, “the more times you DROP, the more chances of getting an INTERVIEW”, and when you get that interview, the bigger chance you’ll get hired.

hotel lisboa jobs and careers

Walk straight until you reach the customer service counter.

hotel lisboa jobs drop box

Hotel Lisboa Resume Drop Box.

2. Human Resource Office. You can also pass your resume directly to their HR office. It is located at the 4th floor Hotel Lisboa building. At the 456 entrance of the hotel, you can locate elevators. You can take the lift from there to the 4th floor. Always remember that when you pass your resume in this HR, it is for hotel job positions. If you are applying for casino job positions, visit the Casino Lisboa HR.

3. Job Agencies. These days, companies have wisely outsourced talent search jobs to job agencies in Macau. Check out our list of job agencies here.

4. Apply Online. It is one of the best ways to pass your resume at Hotel Lisboa where you can much time and effort. You can mail your application letter together with a copy of your CV to

Hotel Lisboa is a owned and governed by a “Chinese” company, thus, being able to speak and understand Mandarin or Cantonese is a BIG BIG PLUS.